Getting Started?

By installing rooftop solar panels, energy from the sunlight is captured and stored in the solar cells of each panel.

In order to turn sunlight captured by photovoltaic cells into usable energy, sunlight must be transferred to an inverter where the electrical current can then be converted from DC to AC. Afterward, energy must be stored through a battery or the grid-otherwise known as net metering.

Batteries & Net Metering

While your system generates its own power during the day, the grid will track and store the energy you produce for free through the process of "net metering" at a one-for-one exchange.

When you're ready to use electricity for daily uses such as turning the lights on or adjusting your AC, the grid will supply all of your energy just as it would regularly do and credit you for the energy you already produced.

A solar battery, on the other hand, can be purchased and stored locally in your own home. You may need a battery if your utility company doesn't offer net metering, or if you want to be entirely off the grid in the chance of a power outage.



Panels & Durability

We use Tier 1 panels and hardware. Ideally, you'll be using the same system for 30-50 years to come, unlike cheaper modules that could have issues in the future. Our panels are able to withstand winds over 140 mph and hail the size of baseballs. Rooftop solar panels actually prevent hail damage from taking place by shielding your roof from up to class 4 hurricanes!

In the fringe "what if" scenario of a cantaloupe-sized hail or other "acts of God", then simply file a home insurance claim, and we'll take care of reinstalling your entire system.


Solar energy costs are stable-saving you thousands

As energy costs continue rise, you'll enjoy a fixed, low monthly payment for your power. Saving you money every month.

With solar, you'll be getting your energy needs from the sun. Excess solar energy you make will be sent back to the grid and credited to you, reducing your bill even further!

Aesthetic benefits for your home

Our new solar panel hardware can complement the look of your home versus old solar technology. Please view our installation pictures for examples.

30-year warranty

We have you covered with a 30-year warranty on your system. No questions asked. We promise to knock this project out of the park for you!

Replace and repair an old roof-amazingly simple!

Before you let others uninstall or move the system, please call us so that you don't waive your 30-year warranty. We'll remove the panels and reinstall them when the roofing project is finished. This will ensure your warranty is never voided.