As a leading provider of solar power, we work with you and your budget to create an effective savings plan that puts money in your pocket at your own pace.


See if you qualify for any of our plans that start as low as $0!


Paying upfront and in full gives you the best 'bang-for-your buck’: Maximize your potential savings, and get started with a free quote today.

$0 down solar

Getting qualified for $0 down solar only takes a moment. You can still save money from day one, and even pay less than your current power bill.

For those who can’t purchase a solar system outright, Apex is proud to be one of the only solar companies in America that can help you finance your system for $0 down, on a 0% interest rate. All while you retain 100% ownership of your system!
Want to know more about how $0 down solar works?

Read our complete guide to solar financing.


The ITC is an incredibly important federal policy that has supported the deployment of solar energy across the country by offering a tax credit on residential and commercial solar systems.

In 2022, the tax credit will be 26%, in 2023 the tax credit will be 23% and there will be no available tax credit for residential projects after the year 2023.

There is currently no available tax credit for residential projects after the year 2021.

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