Certified Customer Reviews of Apex Solar Solutions.

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You can hardly see the panels! We’re just so happy to have our Apex Solar Solutions system on our house. You can hardly sea the solar panels-even from the street. It’s just a really great system and I’ve just been really pleased with the Apex people. I have enjoyed going out and looking at our net meter. Right now, it looks like my monthly bill is going to be $6 a month. I’m so happy!

Richard H.

Denver, CO

It was a great experience from the initial evaluation all the way through the installation. The cost is what we expected with the industry norm, but the overall service made it well worthwhile.

Edward S.

Sandy, UT

We sat through five solar panel pitches over the last five years, and Apex was the only one that made sense. The process from start to finish was really fast. Apex kept me on track. The guys that came and put the panels up are awesome! I was just surprised at how quickly this whole process was, so now we’re just waiting on Rocky Mountain Power to come out to do the net metering. It’s just been great!

Joni Fairbourn

Salt Lake City, UT

We’re so happy! Thanks for everything. Apex has been great for us. We couldn’t be happier.



Scott C.

Las Vegas, NV

Our experience with Apex Solar Solutions was amazing. We had three other companies come out and Apex was the most knowledgeable and felt really trustworthy. We just could not ask for better people to come out. We didn’t feel like we were pressured and ended up going with Apex Solar Solutions. The panels are beautiful and merge right with the roof. The HOA approved the panels, and we had no problems. Great!

The Barnett’s

Bend, OR

Offline Reviews.

We had an extremely positive experience with Apex Solar. They were responsive and informative every step of the way. They believe in educating the customer on all aspects of their system rather than just selling them panels. They use top-notch panels, inverters and wiring rather than cutting corners and using older equipment. When we ran into a little problem with the layout of my roof that required an upgrade to meet our projected output, they absorbed the cost rather than passing it through to us. Since they are a subsidiary of a much larger electrical engineering firm, we felt we were able to get the small-company service but retain the larger-company security. We will gladly recommend them to family and friends looking to upgrade their homes to solar.
Ryan M
Denver, CO


We recently had a solar panel installation from Apex Solar Solutions. It went very smoothly and according to the plans, once it was approved by our HOA. From start to finish, the panels were installed and activated in less than a week. Our system is up and running and we love it so far. We can’t wait to get the net meter installed to see how much power we can credit back too.
Bob M.
Santa Fe, NM


I met Apex through a friend, and then told my parents about their solar panels. They were super friendly to talk with, and did a great job taking care of our roof too. The installation was fast and easy for us, and everyone did a really great job. My parents love them now!
Austin M.
Salt Lake City, UT


This is not just another solar company. They are professionals and the best. The system they proposed was not the least expensive system of the eight bids we received, but they were the most knowledgeable, provided the best upgrade options, and they don’t just install to the minimum requirements. Their package included above-code wiring and hardware. They went out of their way to make sure that we had the system we wanted, and went over and above to install the system with the best hardware, and did not take the ‘easy’ way to install the conduit, and by doing so, kept it easier to upgrade in the future if we have the need. I HIGHLY recommend them. If you want the best for your dollars spent, you need to check Apex out. When there was a shortage of the solar panels they had proposed to us, they upgraded our panels to a better, higher wattage panel than they had bid—and did this at no additional cost to us. From the electrical team to the installers to the sales and support staff, you do not often find companies who care like they have shown to us. If I could give them six out of five stars for an A+ effort, I would do so without a doubt.
Brian C.
Denver, CO