Brielle’s Story: Apex Solar Solutions Partners with Children and the Earth

“Today, we are truly humbled by a generous gift given to us by Apex Solar Solutions through Children and the Earth.”

“By the end of the day, we’ll have solar panels installed on our home completely free of any cost to us! As I type these words I almost can’t believe it myself!”

Candace Burr, and her husband Ryan, are the parents of three children, including Brielle (2 years old) who was born with Beare Stevenson syndrome, an extremely rare disorder that causes the premature fusion of the skull.

This condition results in brain and breathing issues that affect the overall growth of her body, making her dependent upon a ventilator, oxygen and gastrostomy tube every day.

Brielle is one of about 30 people worldwide to be diagnosed with Beare Stevenson syndrome.

In an effort to help others, Apex Solar Solutions has been partnering with the nonprofit organization, Children and the Earth, which assists children faced with life threatening, and sometimes terminal illness.

The goal: install a custom-designed solar system for a very worthy family.

As you can imagine, the Burrs’ medical bills and monthly energy expenses that support Brielle are higher than average, so any savings on their power bill will be greatly appreciated.

The value of the system weighs in at approximately $40,000, and will be installed at no cost to the family of five that’s been facing some difficult challenges for the past couple of years.

“This is such a tremendous blessing to our family and we cannot begin to adequately express how much it means to us,” Candace added.

“The thing that really gets me though, is how much Apex Solar Solutions has thanked us for giving them the opportunity to do this. Them thanking us!? This company and the people who work for them are truly amazing. They tell us that we are just the first ones to receive such an amazing gift from them and that they look forward to helping many others in the near future in situations similar to ours.”

Joan, CFO of Apex Solar Solutions, said that, “With the new system the Burrs will be able to generate nearly 97 percent of their energy from solar. In its first year, the system will reduce the 2,900-square-foot home’s utility costs from $1,660 to $120.”

“This system will produce a 25-year savings of roughly $69,374.  This is like putting $231 in the Burrs’ pocket every month for the next 25 years.”

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