It is Easy Being Green: Solar in Denver and Salt Lake City

Is solar energy for you?

As Americans become more environmentally conscious, many households and businesses are converting to, or at least considering, solar power.

At Apex Solar Solutions, we want to educate the public about the many advantages of solar — and, debunk many of the myths surrounding this amazing technology. Apex Solar Solutions is among the country’s most established and respected solar companies in Denver, Salt Lake City, and throughout the intermountain west. Many of our electrical power professionals have been involved in the energy industry since the 1970s.


Ask us about Children and the Earth and about a Taylorsville family of five and how Apex Solar Solutions installed a customized solar system at no cost to them.

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Solar Panels on a roof in Denver

Why Solar and Why Now?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “Is this really the best time to invest in a solar system?” According to Ethan Zindler, an analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, “If you’re a consumer who’s been thinking about putting solar on your roof, now it’s cheaper than it’s ever been. You used to look at a system that would cost $30,000, and it may cost as little as $10,000 to $15,000 now.”

Plus, even though solar-panel efficiency is always improving, the potential gains of future panels probably amount to a few percentage points at best. Generally speaking, solar technology is similar to what it was in the 1960s—today, it’s just more efficient and less expensive. What’s more, traditional energy rates have been rising at about 7.2 percent each year on average. Who knows how much they will continue to increase? When your home or business is being powered by the sun, you won’t be affected by rising rates.

Ask about Apex Solar Solutions Zero Down Financing when you call.

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Energy Tax Credits, Rebates, Incentives, and Zero Down Financing

Homes and businesses have access to a wide variety of energy tax credits, solar incentives and rebates when implementing new energy strategies like solar panels. Federal tax credits of 30 percent apply to all expenditures on solar panel installations and energy-efficiency projects. Make sure to ask about Apex Solar Solutions’ zero down financing. We are a solar power company in Denver and Salt Lake City that is committed to providing our customers with all the financing options so they can integrate solar power into their home lifestyle.

Solar Panels Are More Dependable Than Ever

Solar panels have no mechanical or moving parts, so they don’t tend to break. In fact, many solar panels have 25-year warranties (and, the EU Energy Institute found that 90 percent of solar panels last for 30 years or longer). Andy Black, a leading solar financial analysis expert, recently published a report on the lifespan of solar panels. He found that some of the first solar panels that were manufactured about 40 years ago are still creating about 80 percent of their original power. Maintenance on a solar power system is also minimal. Most experts suggest that for optimum performance, panels should be cleaned once in a while—and cleaning can be as simple as spraying down panels with a garden hose.

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Solar Energy’s Return On Investment

In terms of return on investment, and depending on your system and location, solar panels pay for themselves within six to 15 years. If you add in state and federal tax credits and incentives, you could actually begin seeing a return on investment within two to four years. Real estate experts also note that solar panels increase the value of a home by about $15,000, so even if you don’t plan on being your home for the next 15 years, this could still be a sound investment.

Additional Services

As one of the top solar companies in Denver and Salt Lake City, we want to make your home even more energy efficient. Ask us about how we can help improve your home by adding LED lighting, batteries, generators and thermostats.

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Solar Energy Is Good for the Environment

Once solar panels are installed, they produce zero emissions. This means they don’t contribute to pollution or health issues like traditional energy sources. For the average homeowner, using a solar energy system is comparable to eliminating the emissions created by a car that drives 18,000 miles per year. Since solar draws energy from the sun, there is no end in sight to the natural resource that creates power.

Solar Panels on a roof in Denver

Here’s what a few of our customers recently said about Apex Solar Solutions:

“We’re so happy! Thanks for everything. Apex has been great for us. We couldn't be happier.”

- Scott C

“You can hardly see the panels! We're just so happy to have our Apex Solar Solutions system on our house. You can hardly see the solar panels--even from the street. It's just a really great system and I just been really pleased with the Apex people. I have enjoyed going out and looking at our net meter. Right now, it looks like my monthly bill is going to be $6 a month. I'm so happy!”

- Richard H

We sat through five solar panel pitches over the last five years, and Apex Solar Solutions--and Apex was the only one that made sense. The process from start to finish was really fast. Apex kept me on track. The guys that came and put the panels up are awesome! I was just surprised at how quickly this whole process was, so now we're just waiting on Rocky Mountain Power to come out to do the net metering. It's just been great!

- Joni F

It was a great experience from the initial evaluation all way through the installation. The cost is what we expected with the industry norm, but the overall service made it well worthwhile.

- Edward S

Our experience with Apex Solar Solutions was amazing. We had three other companies come out and Apex was the most knowledgeable and felt really trustworthy. We just could not ask for better people to come out. We didn't feel like we are pressured, and ended up going with Apex Solar Solutions. The panels are beautiful and merge right with the roof. The HOA approved the panels, and we had no problems. Great!

- Gary and Pam B

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